Monthy News – June 2019

Source: Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Market Stats: Residential Detached 

Written Summary:

North Vancouver: North Vancouver continues to have a decrease in every field. The average price per unit for Residential Detached is down 7% and overall for residential properties is down 2%. Gross sales, units sold and units listed continue to trend downwards year on year. However, Residential Detached units sold went up by 16% this month compared to last year’s May.

West Vancouver: Both this month and year to date the units sold and gross sales are up for Residential Detached units. Gross sales have seen a 27% increase this month and 9% year to date. Units sold are up by 47% this month and 18% year to date. On the whole, this year West Vancouver has seen a decrease across the board of all figures other than average price.

Sunshine Coast: This month continues a trend on the Sunshine Coast of a decline after a strong start to the year. The average price and HPI have decreased a less significant amount but compared to April last year. Gross sales and Units Sold both had about a 30% decrease this month. 2019 has lost much of the momentum that the market was gaining last year and overall compared to last year 2019 is suffering. Overall the decreases from last to this year so far have been reasonable but April has been a bad month all around.

For a complete breakdown of the stats for each area please see below:

North Vancouver: Here

West Vancouver: Here

Sunshine Coast: Here

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